About Us

Welcome to Peru Student Travel, we would love to share more about us with you!

Peru Student Travel is part of View Latin America travel company; we have specialized on different travel styles within Peru. Also you should know our company is based onsite as our offices are located in Cusco, Peru. But I guess the big question is what can we do for you? Well we can offer you a range of tours according to your travel budget and taking into consideration that you are a young student trying to learn more of our Culture which is of course very flattering and we want to reattribute that but making all the arrangement with people of your age range and provide student discounts and specials whenever is possible, as well as being able to connect you with the best Spanish schools if learning the language is something you will be interested in and also volunteer programs.

The upper hand of choosing us!

There are no doubts that View Latin America is a consolidated and compromised family. We are truly believers of what we do and what we can achieve. Our team of travel specialist and operations has a refreshing concept of how traveling through Peru should be. Because of that we would like to offer our sincere promise to you to always provide advised and guidance from the start to end during your travelling experience, and together create the perfect and most enrich holiday that any student would like to have.

These are keys of our Success

At this stage, you know we are based/regional a company, but do you also know we are the ones behind the operations of all our tours? Well, yes we will always be monitoring your experience and making sure to provide a smooth travel experience. We have years of experience backing us up, furthermore this has allowed us to reinforced the agreements with have built with our suppliers such as hotels, restaurants and Spanish schools in order to achieve our main goal which is to ensure the best for you.