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The Top 10 Fun Things in Peru for Young Travelers

Thinking of Peru, you may imagine llamas, ruins, and maybe ceviche. Then you chat for a while with a friend who has just returned of his journey by the land of the Incas and you are writing down a host of fun things you want to do there. No matter if you are an adrenaline fan, a young inquisitive nomad, or a people person, we have no doubt you will find a blast for you in Peru.

1.Extreme Sports

Madness has the first spot in our list. Peruvian geography meets the thrill of risking yourself for a shot of pure adrenaline. The popular Cusco region offers several destinations for mountaineers with authentic highlanders as guides. Not that far, the Apurímac Canyon houses daily kayak experiences to race against the river and listen your friends scream their heads out. You can also be one of those young adventurers soaring the sky of Lima over the bay of Miraflores. Are you heading the jungle? Do not forget to book a zip line experience and let your steam out in less than a minute!

2. Young Travelers Meet Nature

If this is your first time in Peru, bring several memory cards to save all those pictures of the countless flora and fauna species. Considered as one of the countries with more biodiversity, the curious ones will spend most of their time examining caterpillars and butterflies in specialized rescue centers, watch closely sea lions while swimming next to them, or discover the haunts of vicunas in your trip within Arequipa region. Your botany essay will be filled of notes about the 213 feet high tree in Iquitos, the legendary Puya de Raimondi, or the real story of coca leaves. Yep, naturalist guides are included in our tours for you.

3. Ready, set, ride!

Passport, your driving license, and your car insurance is what you need to explore Peruvian roads at your own speed. The Sacred Valley is a magnificent destination to appreciate the traditional villages and stop for a typical meal. Any driving fan loves burning rubber for fun by the beach, so do not miss the sunset at Mancora coast! Remember you must be over 18 years old to take the steering wheel in our country.

In case you are willing to have a two-wheeled escapade, small cities and roads are much recommended. Extreme biking by glacier-clad peaks also wait for the daredevils!

4. Sightseeing and History

You might skip high speed and instead sit for a while and be reflexive of what you have in front of you. Well, young traveler, pack your hat, your magnifying glass, and an empty notebook. Machu Picchu is the emblematic citadel representing the golden ages of the Inca civilization, nevertheless you can increase the number of archaeological experiences by adding ruins like Kuelap, Chan Chan, or Choquequirao to your itinerary. History also can be brought to life in the Nazca lines or in ancient cave paintings in Tacna. Geek fun all the way.

5. Spanish lessons

Learning is always something fun to do. Your hunt for lark can be enhanced having the precise words and jokes to make friends or access unique experiences. Even if you are a beginner, taking Spanish lessons will help you to connect to local’s hearts and get amused as you share their way of life. Mastering Peruvians’ tongue also implies studying manners and idiosyncrasy, tongue twisters, sayings and forbidden words. With great power comes great responsibility.

6. Fun Food and Beverages

No, don’t sigh of mama’s home cooking. Vegetables and meat, 2500 species of potatoes and exotic fruits are waiting for you to be delighted by those taste buds of you. Farmer markets are a good way to approach the astonishing variety of greens in Peru. In a restaurant, or at a local friend’s home, instead of thinking of the outlandish, close your eyes and feel the equilibrium of the ingredients and the love and effort of the cookers.

Speaking of them, you can be the protagonist and be a Peruvian cooker too. Cooking classes will give you a glimpse on the art of Peruvian cuisine. Recipes of the classics like Lomo SaltadoPisco Sour or Ceviche will be provided among demonstrations and tasting time. Of course we have vegetarian options too!

7. Volunteering

Hedonism is not the only way of life for young visitors. Giving away your time is a fun approach to spend your trip in. What are you skilled at? Several organizations all around the nation provide volunteering positions for people who can teach English to kids, help out in farming tasks, and supply medical services or environmental conservation. There are several ways to put your knowledge in practice and make others happy too.

Take into consideration you must check for authorizations and documentation before accepting a position in an organization. Have you ever joined a volunteering program before? If not, we are sure you will do it again.

8. Discover the hidden stories

Peru has more than food and ruins, mountains and a language. The main cast of this everlasting story will be around you in their daily duties. Some of them elder and serious, other young and whimsical, animal party ones also will show up as well as the kind or the cheerful. We come from a mix of bloods, Indians, Spanish, African and Asiatic. Everyone has a different story to tell.

The lady in the fruit juice corner of the markets is getting married this weekend. Your tour guide’s family is gathering next Christmas. The souvenir guy has started his major. A fellow student strives for polishing up her dancing in the next festivity. What will be you story?

9. Festivals and Local Pride

Yes, that student is dancing for the Candelaria Festival in Puno, where traditional dances in intricate designed costumes and a great variety of songs are played. Parades, shows, processions and other cultural manifestations are open to young visitors to watch and even join. Add to you to-do list dancing cumbia in San Juan on June 24th, or appreciating the countrywide famous Arequipeño pride in their anniversary on August 15th. Faith also is the base of demonstrations of solemnity and creativity during Holy Week or Christmas season. Food, dance, art, music, and fun.

10. Make your own story!

What is your definition of fun? There might be things you can do not listed in this article. In our country, you can take out your favorite instrument and play it freely. Lay in a park and look for interesting shapes in clouds listening to your new Andean playlist. Transform what you bought at local art shop with the seeds you gathered and make your own souvenirs. Get some unique fragrances like muña or palo santo and enjoy them in private. Find the library and take a plunge into the legends and folktales. It is your time, enjoy it in your own way!

As you can see, Peru is a place to learn about us and about yourself. You are welcome to follow us to our haunts as well as share your essence during your visit. Dear young traveler, View Latin America is up for ensuring you a blast every day. Contact us right now!

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