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Traveling to Peru and Benefits for Students

As you start discovering more of this big world we live in, you might find a reference of Peru in your History textbook, in a poem book or in the ingredients of the recipe you are trying. Each country is a new realm telling the history of humanity with its own special narrative. Students all around the planet considered spending a week or even a month in these lands and they got more benefits than they expected.

What benefits can you get of traveling?

Think of the bare bones of a trip. Besides arrangements, itineraries and going in a lark, it is a sort of little adventure where you change your reality by changing the place where you stand. What is different now you are in this piece of world? Take a glimpse all over the place. People dresses in a different way, shops fronts are more stylish or you find yourself surrounded by additional vegetation than usual. And then, as a conscious student you ask, why?

Travelling shows you the real world, the differences between places, and existence in several shapes. Peru, as a republic you can seat and watch, think of ancient people of earlier stages on history, appreciate the love put into their food, feel their endurance against disasters, understand their influence in global economy or just play with local jargon. In short, you will be able to broad your knowledge while you enjoy a new destination.

Test your survival skills

As you start living in your own, you realize the benefits of things from a balanced meal, to getting the laundry on time, to the value of showing gratitude. Being abroad will be a great challenge for you to realize how good you are managing study, home chores, entertainment, friends and other aspects.

Don’t be afraid homesickness ruining your days, give a deep breath and choose a new lesson this land has for you instead. Activities like going to the movies or shopping pants will be an amusing test and you will be learning of this nation and yourself in the way.

Use your five senses to feel culture

Some students might not have free time to attend to dance shows or going on a tour. No, you are a wiser human who has learned to manage time and now is next to a cheerful local musician learning the secrets of the Andean flute as you have your travel report about Peruvian culture done.

Culture is beyond costumes and folk tales, look around yourself and watch our efforts for being better people. Some of them take the path of faith, others are in the library like authentic bookworms, and even the little child asking you about your homeland and your habits is taking a step further in his concept of his world.

Now you will appreciate a mother choosing the best onion to make a healthy meal for her family. You will realize the way a lot of concepts of the Andean lifestyle are sealed in the details carved in a piece of handcraft as you touch it. Use each of your senses and body to be alive and develop yourself during your stay and fully obtain the benefits of this journey.

Check your Spanish language and Peruvian manners

You will not be sure if that gesture or word in your mind is offensive or not unless you do it or you ask. Once you get confident enough with your Spanish, after several trials and laughs as you learn by your own or by taking lessons in one of the Spanish schools, you will realize the power and complexity of language.

Making a mistake or being rude by accident are no hindrance for an inquisitive student like you. Apologize and keep on going. Experimenting with social interactions as well as words will break opinionated stereotypes and will open the gate to locals’ heart and knowledge. Another great benefit of taking Spanish lessons is boosting your skills to write essays in this beautiful language, or being able to obtain original information without getting lost in translation.

Broaden your mind along Peruvian students

A student is full of energy and ideas. Can you imagine all the different visions you will listen as you talk with local learners? A conversation leads to an exchange of experiences, ideas, and desires. Contrasting laws, comparing literature, trying local instruments, experimenting with medicinal plants, the chances are unimaginable for pupils of any field of human knowledge.

Get new insights of life

Give someone color pencils and ask them to draw a tree. Every one of them will solve this challenge combining factors like the hand they choose, what colors they use, the tree they depict, the grinding among others. Meditate on other challenges.

Have you seen the approaches Peruvians use to overcome problems every day? In a country where people inhabits in remote locations, with lots of energy but some scarcity of water, with lots of history and modern technology being introduced to several fields of existence, you will witness the way they live and what life means to them. What benefits are you obtaining of this comparison?

Witness the past to build future

All those books, documentaries and essays about Inca culture and previous civilizations will be brought to life as you are in front of the solemn ruins located in several regions around the country. Walking by the old stone walls of Machu Picchu being conscious of how those people survived and realizing little details is an experience that any piece of writing can convey.

As far you go, more questions will be in your head. Where can you see the national bird? How they were able to build with big stones? What kind of food was there back then? Considering the way our brain works, later you will compare the past with present Peru. How do you think it is going to be like from now, fellow student?

Run your own experiments

Your curious eyes and lively hands can’t wait for test this fresh space, can they? Psychology students can research on common biases. Sport lovers have the chance to know the influence of high altitude on performance. Linguists will have a plethora of fun as they discover a jungle language every day. Gastronomy lovers have a long run mixing the fresh raised local ingredients on their never ending seek of flavors.

Experimenting is one of the best ways to know everything around you and this, enjoying it at its best with lots of benefits. Take your knowledge one step further and discover the truth!

Get access to unique resources for your research

After many days having fun in Peruvian style while learning about them, it is time for your serious report. Happily, you have the real Peru next to you. This is the only place you can be in front of old Chavin statues, appreciate religious paintings not allowed to be shot, obtain real soil samples, and of course, the testimony of people.

Remember students have special discounts in entrances to ruins like Machu Picchu, several museums in cities like Lima or Cusco among other useful resources allowing you to access real information without going over your budget.

This trip can take you further than you could have gone with a book. Reporting your own account of Peru will be the final step in this journey. Are you ready for a thrill abroad full of benefits for students? View Latin America supports your inquisitiveness, contact us!

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